Trendy Haircuts for Spring 2017

#1 Bob it

If you are one of those women who feel like in the hair scarf because of the hair around the neck, you should consider the Bob, suggests stylist Tony Chavez. “You will kill two birds with one stone: you get cooling relief and a definite shape that doesn’t bore you anymore.”

#2 Baby Bangs

Bangs are coming back in trends this year. Can’t imagine yourself wearing classic bangs? No one forbids reshaping it in a way you like. Tony Chavez underlines a bang an inch to an inch and the half can work greatly on the hair of any length. “I find them really fun and coquettish but be cautious they are not for everybody, unfortunately. Mind your type of forehead,” points out Chavez.  

#3 Long Layers

If you dream about long hair, Tony Chavez urges to grow your hair out right now and stop wasting time in vain. “I prefer long tousled layers,” explains Tony. “I try to avoid cutting a straight line. My purpose is to remove split ends and achieve soft, kind of ragged edge.” You can vary hairstyles, adding dramatic effect (with the help of barrettes or headbands) or opting for sexy updos and braids.  

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