How to Get Longer Lashes

Method #1 Eyeliner

You can make your lashes look fuller by using an eyeliner
little darker than your natural eyelash color. The idea is
to create an illusion of thicker lashes at the roots. If you
like this variant, you can consider the ‘tight-lighting.’ It is
the most difficult technique which presupposes the applying of
the eyeliner between each hair at the root and creating a subtle
line along the edge of the eyelid.

Method #2 Mascara

It’s one of the most obvious ways to make your lashes look thick and long.
I advise to opt for a high-quality mascara that doesn’t clump and on its tube
is said ‘voluminous,’ such as Voluminous Butterfly by Maybelline.
You can also use an ‘eyelash primer’ – a white-colored product that you
should apply just like usual mascara. It helps to enhance length, has
conditioning effect, and serves as the primer to use before colored mascara.
The other way to get the impression of longer lashes is to work with the roots
of the lashes. Take an eyeshadow brush, apply a little mascara on it, and gently
brush on the base of your lashes – voila, you get what you want!

Method #3 Curling

Surprisingly, you lashes can look shorter (even though they can be full and long)
because of its flatness and the angle at which they can be seen. In this case, you
can give lashes extra bounce with the help of an eyelash curler. Be careful! I’m
sure you don’t want to tug your eyelashes at the roots and make them fall out

Method #4 False lashes

If you think that all celebrities have won a genetic jackpot and, thus, have
naturally beautiful lashes. However, after taking a close look, you will notice
that many of them wear fake lashes. If it works for them, why shouldn’t it
work for you?  When you try to apply false lashes at the first time, it will
seem to you impossible; nevertheless, you will get the hand of it with time.

Method #5 Extensions

Now, eyelash extensions are the fashionable way to get natural-looking,
thick lashes. If you can afford it (the approximate price is $100), be prepared
to face certain difficulties with washing procedures. You won’t be able to put
too much pressure on them, to rub your eyes vigorously, or to wash it without
cotton swab.
I hope these five methods will help you to achieve the desired effect and
conquer the world with your impressive look.

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