Nine Unusual Ways to Use Hair Conditioner

#1 DIY Dry Clean

Your silky clothes and your wallet can both benefit from a DIY dry clean created with the help of conditioner. All you have to do is to add a tablespoon of conditioner to a sink filled with lukewarm water, put the garments into this solution, and leave for a few minutes. Hang it to dry and that’s all.

#2 Cleaning Delicates

Dry cleaners are a quite expensive service for getting delicates fresh and soft. Wash them as a usual cloth is undesirable, too. Get them delicately cleaned with the help of conditioner and warm water.

#3 Protecting Leather Shoes

In winter, our leather shoes can get damaged by the salt used for snowy roads. Protect them with the help of your favorite hair conditioner! Let your boots dry thoroughly and apply a small amount of the product. Use a clean rag for working it into the leather. Repeat the procedure from time to time.

#4 Removing Eye Makeup

Your favorite makeup remover has come to the end, and you forget to buy a new one? Apply a small amount of conditioner into the cotton ball, and you’ll quickly remove today’s makeup.

#5 Washing Brushes

Every girl knows that brushes are to be cleaned regularly, but not many of us know that the product used for this procedure plays an important role. If you don’t want to have a little bit stiff brushes after washing, add a small amount of conditioner.

#6 Using for Cuticles

Some people find cuticles cream too thick and admit that it can leave hands feeling greasy. If you are one of them (or just don’t want to use special creams for cuticles) soften them up with the help of conditioner. Apply a small amount on each finger before pushing cuticles back and leave for a few minutes.

#7  Taming Static Hair

If your hair is prone to accumulating static, weight your hair down using conditioner. You need to smooth over your hair rubbing it between your palms.

#8 Softening Fabrics

Decided to wash your clothes but there is no fabric softener in the house? Throw hair conditioner into the washing machine and voila! You get soft and fresh clothing.

#9 Rescuing a Shrunken Cloth

We can’t guarantee that it will work with any cloth, but you can at least try. The knitting clothing is ideal for unshrinking it with the conditioner. What you have to do: pour a sufficient amount of conditioner (it depends on the size of the cloth) into the lukewarm water, put the cloth, and leave it for 30 minutes or an hour. While it is wet, stretch it out, and let it dry. Ideally, it will return back to normal or at least to a wearable size.    

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