Hollywood wave: step-by-step instruction

Step #1.

Take one lock, for example, start above your ear, and spritz with good curl hold spray; especially, if you have thin hair.

Step #2.

Wrap chosen lock over your curling iron, and hold diagonally; it will help you to create a deep wave.

Step #3.

Hold it and wait for 5-10 seconds, depending on the type of your curler. Be careful and try not to damage your hair. A thread of smoke is a bad sign!

Step #4.

Repeat this procedure all over your head.

Step #5.

Easily brush your hair with the help of the paddle brush; it will help you to transform curls into waves.

Step #6.

Fix with the hairspray if needed.

It’s not necessarily true that you will do it perfectly from the first time, but, remember, success comes with tenacity!


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