How to fix your hairstyle for all night long

#1. Pick the right hair-do

Not all of the hairstyles are created equal: some of the hairdos potentially can survive the night, and some are absolutely not. So, your prime responsibility is to choose wisely.
We recommend you to opt for something tight and sleek cause such style will stay in place better. A simple braided bun is a perfect variant in this case. Another option is to go opposite and look as natural as you can. Loose waves or textured ponytail will be good, but keep in mind they should be messy and deconstructed to look stylish.

#2. Use magic bobby pins

Of course, you know you should use bobby pins to fix your hairstyle, but do you actually know how to make them magical? We are ready to reveal this secret for you – you just need to spread a hair spray on them, and you will see a real magic of hairstyle fixing! It will be better to use strong but at the same time touchable hairspray.

#3. Use your tools wisely

Two simple bobby pins can do a miraculous trick with your hair. Try to crisscross them to form an “X” at the back of your head. They will hold your hair (especially, if you make them magical, as it was mentioned in the tip 2), make your look interesting, and can be a perfect option for the last minute hairstyle.


#4. More texture

The more texture, the more hold. That’s why hairstylists recommend not styling freshly shampooed hair; a little bit greasy hair will be easier to style, and it has more chances to overlive the whole night scene.

#5. Set your style

It is evident that good flexible-hold hair spray is an integral part of the solid hairstyle. You should opt for a good, strong hairspray, which, as it was already mentioned, also will have touchable texture and zero crunchy strands in sight.

And now, go out and dance-dance, don’t worry about your hair. The main thing you should understand is that you look beautiful in spite of everything.

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