How to Achieve Glamorous Look

#1 Eyelashes

A glamorous look can’t look impressive without the accent on your eyes. Put on a pair of long, full false lashes and conquer men’s hearts with the brighter glance. Today’s false lashes have come a long way and propose a choice of applying: a strip or individual variants. If you decide to use a strip of false lashes, opt for those which are a little longer and thicker than your natural ones. Individual lashes provide you with the more natural look, but you will need extra time to apply them properly. Apply a coat of mascara to make the false lashes blend with your real ones.

Tip: If you see that a strip of false lashes doesn’t perfectly suit your lash line, you can fill in these gaps using eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow.  

#2 Eyebrows

Groomed eyebrows are a thing that complements any makeup not to speak about the glamorous look. Use eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in any sparse areas and comb brows to put them in place. Glamorous look requires an arch form which can be achieved by tweezing stray hairs that are below the peak. Nevertheless, try not to over-tweeze the brows; they still have to be full!

#3 Red Lips

A red pout is perfect for the glamorous look. The main idea is to find the most suitable shade of red for your complexion. You can do it with the help of makeup artist who will propose you various tints of red and together you will choose the one that brightens your face in a desirable way. If you want to make your lipstick application last long (we are sure you want), always underline lips with a lip pencil of the same hue.

#4 Defined Cheekbones

If you decided to go glamorous, don’t forget about your face contours! A few simple tools can change the overall look. The first step is to add shade (use bronzer or shade color) right underneath your cheekbones making the diagonal motion. If you can’t define the proper place for the contour, look in the mirror and suck in cheeks making a so-called ‘fish face’ – voila, you see the hollows of the cheeks, and here you have to apply shade. The second step is to shade your temples by adding shadow color or bronzer from the edge of your brows upwards. The third step is to apply blush on your cheeks using the rounded brush. Fourth is to add highlights (again using the rounded brush) on the top of your cheekbones, upper temples and below the shading under your cheekbones.

Now you know how to create the glamorous look by following our easy tips.  

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