3 tips how to stay alive during saying goodbye to your bangs


Tip #1. Make your hair grow faster

There is a variety of different articles about making your hair grow faster. We won’t accentuate attention on this problem. You can just open google and find out those methods, which are appropriative for you.


Tip #2. Keep at it!

The most difficult part of growing out your bangs is to survive this period, which can last from 2 to 4 months. Your bangs will be too long, they will disturb you, you will look strange, and, as a result, you will have a strong will to shorten it again. At this moment you should be very brave and keep going.

There are several suggestions, which will help you to get through it:

1) Make a hairdo

The double dutch braided pigtails will be a perfect option, cause you can interweave your bangs into your hairdo and look very stylish and nice. There are a number of variants of this style; you can finish it with the simple braid, with the French braid, with the ponytail, or make a crown.

Another option is to make the three-second side braid. It will hide your bangs and add zest to your look. Anyhow, you can pick something based on your preferences.

2) Make a hair flip

This style will turn your bangs into the side-swept style. You just need some time, imagination, and a bottle of hair spray.

3) Make a slicked-back look

If you don’t know what it is, you can just check some Kim Kardashians’ photos. You should look like you just leave the shower. For this style you will need a wet brush (or your fingers in a pinch) and a good spray, which will create a wet effect; or just go out from the shower, of course, but the effect will be short-term.

4) Wear a headwear.

A cap or a hat will hide your bangs better than everything else. The only nuance – you should pick up an appropriative headwear to your look.

Tip #3. Get into new you

One of the hardest moments is to get used to yourself. Of course, you look differently, but it’s still you. Live with it or make bulks again if you don’t like your new look.

You can repeat this procedure over and over again – to grow them out and cut down again – until you accept yourself with bulks or without.

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